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We as Devops engineers are typically responsible for:

building, managing, monitoring, administering, automating and optimizing infrastructures, application configurations, databases, CI/CD Pipelines.

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Lights On

We are the ones who keep the lights on.

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50% ratio

We spend about 35% operating infrastructure and 65% writing tools to automate operational tasks. (If the ratio approaches 50% operating - 50% coding, then we balance the load together with the product development team.)

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Breaking Down Department Silos

Development and operations teams were usually split into two camps, with each camp following their own motivations (often competing):

  • Development: more deployments to deliver exciting new features
  • Operations: less deployments to deliver service quality (guarantee quality and service)

DevOps is here to solve this by making people from both camps work together in one team, establishing a shared vision.

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Various Backgrounds

The DevOps Engineers are service oriented team players who come from various work and educational backgrounds. Through their experience in different fields, like frontend, backend, operations, security, networking, etc. they have developed the right skillset to move into DevOps.

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As DevOps engineers we share these responsibilities:
  • Systems Analysis

    We analyze technologies and develop plans for improving our system

  • Development

    We design, code, build, configure, install and maintain IT solutions

  • Project Planning

    We share our knowledge about systems, explain their options, risks, impacts, costs and benefits

  • Testing

    We test code, processes, and deployments to minimize errors and assure quality

  • Deployment

    We use configuration management software to automatically deploy updates and fixes into production environments

  • Maintenance and Troubleshooting

    We perform application maintenance to ensure the production environment runs smoothly

  • Performance Management

    We recommend performance enhancements by analyzing bottlenecks, identifying alternative solutions, and assisting with modifications

  • Documentation

    We write specifications, document our architecture decisions in ADRs and document the tools we write to automate the infrastructure