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Our Goal: Make our customer operate at higher levels.

We develop our customers' capabilities so that they can be more creative, reflective and generative.

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Various Backgrounds

The DevOps Engineers are service oriented team players who come from various work and educational backgrounds. Through their experience in different fields, like frontend, backend, operations, security, networking, etc. they have developed the right skillset to move into DevOps.

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All Roles

Software Engineer - build software products

Software engineers are computer science professionals who use engineering principles and programming languages to build software products.

  • Frontend developers are more client-focused, working on the front or back end of the system, designing software that the end user will interact with.
  • Backend developers build computer systems that user-facing applications will need.
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Systems Administrator/Engineer

Design and operate systems System administrators help design, manage, plan, and enhance operating systems. They make sure a system's security and operational functions meet users' needs. System administrators perform tasks in troubleshooting, upgrading, acquiring software, and offering technical support.

  • Configure and manage company infrastructure.
  • Manage user access and permissions to systems and data.
  • Perform security backups and restores.
  • Manage monitoring and alerting of applications and infrastructure.
  • Problem solving and troubleshooting.
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Release Engineer

Build and deliver software Running reliable services requires reliable release processes. Release engineers define all the steps required to release software: From how the software is stored in the source code repository, to build rules for compilation, to how testing, packaging, and deployment are conducted.

Release engineers have an expert understanding of source code management, compilers, build configuration languages, automated build tools, package managers, and installers. Their skill set includes deep knowledge of multiple domains: development, configuration management, test integration, system administration, and customer support.

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Security Engineer

build security systems Security engineers keep sensitive data safe from breaches, taps, and leaks. They secure client information, financial records, and other confidential information. This involves implementing and testing new security features, planning computer and network upgrades, troubleshooting, and responding to security incidents. Security engineers install firewalls, implement breach detection systems, and work with other professionals to solve security-related problems. Security engineers are familiar with operating systems (linux, windows) and understand database platforms (MSSQL, MongoDB).

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Be part of a fantastic team (driven, focused, valuable)


Build meaningful products that shape the future of society


Grow your skills and accelerate your software developer journey


We focus on collaboration (How to be a good team member, How to be a good team leader. How to create a great place)


We speak a common language (SoftwareCell, Software Universe, SoftwareBloodTypes)


We set goals (professional and personal) and help each other achieve them

Software Champions stands for...

Transformation - Create Your Dream Life for Software Developers
  • We will help you to discover your passion and motivate you to follow through on your goals: "People with goals succeed because they know where they are going" – Earl Nightingale
  • It is not about where you are right now, but your willingness to get where you want to be! Take responsibility and follow your dreams and aspirations
  • We will create a positive learning environment full of inspiration, motivation and good energy.
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Springboard - prepare for your next career step:
  • High cash-flow - Lead your team and earn extra based on your projects cash-flow (leverage on your team by educating and teaching them)
  • Own business - Build the foundation for your own future business (e.g. create a for-profit spinoff, implement your own idea). We will be happy to support your take off or provide a place if you run out of runway.
  • Safety - Sharpen your skills and prepare yourself to join the big players (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, ...)
  • journey - Don’t know what you want? Sometimes we just want to hang out around driven people, discover what motivates us and re-try old ideas with a new perspective
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Cooperation - we seek to work with the best, work alongside with Tech-Leads, learn to lead a team yourself - people who are driven, focused, value oriented
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  • Values - we have a code of honor, we honor our agreements
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  • High Performing Teams - higher velocity, higher standards, narrower focus => the compound effect is electrifying
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High Value Software Production

Value always depends on the context (even dirty code can be valuable during Proof of Concepts)

  • Compelling Results - we deliver pragmatic and creative results, which lead to admiration and evoke interest.
  • Deep Conversation - we get to the heart of the problems and create deep understanding.
  • Infinite Flow - constant delivery, we believe that software development is never finished, especially if we are successful we create the desire for more.
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